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Today’s customers are mobile, digital, and connected in a big way. Customers want answers wherever they are, whenever they need them, and fast. Our mission is to make it easy for our customers to find information, manage their account, or connect with us effortlessly. As a leading provider of cloud technology, Contour created a customer-facing portal that allows customers to self-serve and consume our cloud infrastructure and manage applications without the dependence on our engineers. Contour’s goal is to go beyond the offerings of our competitors by layering on additional management capabilities, unifying all of our customer portals into a single platform. The Cinch Portal will serve different uses including back office management. We automate all billing workflows including reporting that will auto validate consumption prior to billing so that we can create both the efficiencies and create scalability organically without adding head count. Contour Cinch Dashboard provides a quick overview of your entire account including instantly viewing all recent activity, including bills, reports and tickets. The Contour Cinch Solutions Center provides real-time status of your active components, the ability to manage your components and add additional components on the fly without the need to speak with us. In addition, the Contour Cinch Management Center provides details on your individual Contour Cloud instances including IP addresses, hardware specs, inventory items, bandwidth usage and scale optimizer to set rules for potential traffic spikes including giving you the insight to see all your security patches and KPI data. Need Help? No Problem. Contour Cares Support provides updates on existing tickets and gives you the ability to open new tickets and contact our support team. Contour Cinch SLAs provides real-time insight into your systems and whether or not Contour Cloud is hitting our agreed upon SLAs.

Cinch Advantages

  • Pay as you go or reserve your instance

  • Self Service- No waiting around to provision VM

  • Total Control – Declare a disaster and recovery

  • Automate handling of routine service requests without Contour staff interaction

  • Powerful collaboration with Contour Team

  • Powerful API Platform


Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!


Sign up to get started or contact your Contour Account Manager and certified specialists as they are ready to assist you with every phase of choosing and leveraging the right solution for your IT environment. Using Contour Cinch as your Cloud Platform allows you to achieve your business goals, manage budget constraints, and deploy technology with a winning strategy.

  • Strong analytics
  • Security access and control.
  • Full access to configuration and deployment.
  • Ongoing product lifecycle support
  • 24/7/365 end user support

Our customers regard us as a valued partner and as a local, expert extension of their A-Team. Supported by an excellent reliability record, our customers stay with us because we offer a great service, not because we lock them into a contract. Contact us today! We look forward to working with you.