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Your ContourCinch dashboard provides a quick view of your entire account. See all of your recent activity, open tickets, invoices and devices under management. 

Support Center

Your ContourCinch Support Center provides a comprehensive view into the status and priority of your open tickets. 

You can review archived tickets and create new tickets all while getting real-time feedback from the ContourCares support team. 



In the Monitoring Center, you can see the status of your active devices and create tickets or work orders related to a specific device. 


In the Cloud Center, view the details of your individual cloud solutions including infrastructure, database, backups, disaster recovery, desktops ect. See the status of your active cloud solutions, manage solutions, add more solutions and check on the status of any new solutions in queue.

Remote Cloud & Managed Services
customized for your organization

Automated Data Management

ContourCinch is your centralized Cloud and Managed Services management console. Whether you need to spin up a Virtual Server, create a new backup or replicate data to your DR facility, everything you need is just a click away and backed by Contour’s 24×7 Support Team. 

Advanced Managed Services

ContourCinch provides proactive support for your Cloud systems as well as your End Users. Need to reset your password, having trouble accessing an application? Call the Contour Cares Support Desk for immediate assistance. 

Options, Options, Options

Whether you need Cloud Servers, Managed Services, Help Desk, Advanced Security or assistance rolling out a new project, ContourCinch is your centralized Data Management solutions for all your IT and end user needs. 

You're Always in Control

ContourCinch is designed so that you are in full control. You can deploy servers your way and on your time. You can pause them when you are not using them so your don’t have to pay for what you do not consume. You can view all of your devices in one central place, along with seeing the performance and patch level you are at.

ContourCinch uses enterprise class technology so you can add as many users as you want, as many VM’s as you need, and scale your databases as large as you want. We are designed to fit large scale deployment with price points to fit your budget.

ContourCinch automation platform is built with the consumer in mind. You don’t have to be an ‘IT person’ to setup a server. Leveraging automation allows you to create a server, backup your data, and have it all delivered within minutes. Keeping IT simple is what we do.

ContourCinch provides advanced security features like multi-factor authentication, secure internet gateways, robust anti-virus and malware protection so your environment is always secure. Security is our #1 priority.

ContourCinch is built on a Software Defined Network so our customers have all the advanced network features they would expect from an enterprise-platform including routing,distributed fire-walling, load balancing, VPN, NAT and many more.

ContourCinch is designed to keep IT simple. Our intuitive structure will guide you to all the resources you need to manage your data. Cinch is what we do.

Our Features

  • Virtualization Ready
  • Individual Virtual Servers
  • Virtual Data Centers
  • Support for both Virtual and Physical Servers
  • BYOL or leverage ContourCinch licensing
  • Configure backups
  • Install OS

  • Micro-segmentation
  • Event Logging & Change Control 
  • Advanced Anti-Virus & Malware
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Secure Internet Gateway
  • Distributed Switching, Routing & Firewalling
  • Load Balancing
  • Dynamic Routing
  • Micro-segmentation
  • Traffic Visibility & Network Monitoring
  • Resell with White Label Interface
  • Customized Interface with Company Information 
  • 24×7 ContourCares Support team to assist with Pre and Post Sales
  • Extensive Documentation 
  • 24x7x365 Support Desk
  • View Ticket Status in real-time
  • View Dedicated Account Team
  • Invoices, Billing, Payments